Our Story

Early church records include 'a brief statement of the circumstances which led to the formation of the Baptist Church at King's Sutton in the County of Northamptonshire on May the 12th 1846'.

This statement was written around May 1846 and is as follows...

Nearly 50 years ago, several members of the Baptist Church of Middleton Cheney, residing at King's Sutton, were desirous of introducing the Gospel to the inhabitants of this village, and Mr George Blake offered his house for preaching.

It was therefore registered at the Quarter Sessions in Northampton.

Their Minister, Mr Green was invited to visit them frequently both on the Sabbath and weekdays. After his death several Ministers from Banbury and other places continued to supply the place as before. Among these was Mr Chater, a member of the Church at Middleton, who afterwards became a Missionary to Ceylon.

The Congregation increasing, early in the year 1820, a building in the occupation of Mr Blake was bought off Wilkins of Bourton by Mr M Gibbard and delivered into the hands of Trustees at the Court Baron, King's Sutton and recorded by the Steward of the Court, Mr Beesley of Banbury. This building was fitted up as a place of worship, and registered in the Bishop's Court at Peterborough, July 21st 1820 by Wm. Gates D.Reg: as a regular place of worship in the Baptist  Denomination. The application to ''Bishop Herbert'' for the registration was signed by George Blake, Thomas Blake and George Colgrove, July 10th 1820.

The meeting was declared a Christian Church of the Baptist Denomination and appointed their first Minister on 12th May 1846. The front part of the existing building was constructed in 1866. The Church grew and has continued since that day. Today around 60 members from the village and surrounding area form the Baptist Church, holding services each Sunday morning and activities for all ages during the week.