Leadership Team

Our Pastor - Reverend Ian Mcdonald

Contact details:

Tel. 01295 812436

Email. pastor.ksbc@gmail.com


Secretary and Messy Church Lead

Deacon, Jeff Bailey

Contact Details:

Tel. 01295 811244

Email.  jeffreyb35@gmail.com

Pastoral Lead

Deacon, June Smith

Contact Details:

Tel. 01295 811610

Childrens & Safeguarding Lead & Youth Group Lead

Deacon, Chris Woodwood

Contact Details:

Tel. 01295 810921

Morning Childrens’ Sunday School Lead

Deacon, Sue Wise

Tel. 01295 812231

Other Leaders in the Diaconate:

Deacon, John Hermon

Deacon, Peter Reed

Deacon, Walter Mullis

And our Church Treasurer & Hall Hire Lead

Chris Gregory

Contact Details:  Tel. 01295 814943

Hall Hire Email Address: ksbc.hall.hire@gmail.com