It’s pretty simple really: King’s Sutton Baptist Church is a place where people can come to know God. But its not just a place, it’s a community of people. You see, we don’t come to know God through church buildings and religious ceremony; we come to know God through relationship.

If you want to know someone, you have to have a relationship with them and quite often that requires an introduction.

We want to introduce people to God and this happens through Jesus, who shows us God in person.

We also want to introduce people to the life that Jesus offers, which really does make a difference to how we feel about ourselves, others, and this world we live in. Contrary to popular portrayal, God is pro-human (which is why he is anti-sin - but don’t worry, God dealt with our sin so we can trust him to deal kindly with us). His whole aim has been to open life to people, to enable them to be who they were created to be.

So that’s why our church is a place where you are accepted – whoever, whatever, wherever you’ve been. That is where new life starts – being accepted. The Bible says “it is God’s kindness that leads us to a changed life” (Romans chapter 2 verse 4). But God does not want us to stay where we are; he has something better for us – growth! That’s why we do what we can to be a Church where people grow – in knowing God, knowing life, knowing peace and knowing themselves.

We have many groups that support people’s growth – some to help them change their thinking, some to help them meet challenges in life, and some to give people opportunity to help others. So we teach from the Bible, we learn from the way Jesus did things, we encourage people to be real with God’s Holy Spirit each day, and we seek to bring God’s freedom to people and society.

There is much in this world that seems real, but doesn’t last, or doesn’t deliver. But Jesus, who represented God in the flesh, not only teaches us, but empowers us to live in a way that generates life, not consumes it. Put simply, we are all about Jesus, and Jesus is all about life.

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